The GAPR-UKI (General and Adolescent Paediatric Research Collaborative in the United Kingdom and Ireland network) network was established in July 2016 to foster collaborative multi-centre research in General and Adolescent Paediatric Units in the UK and Republic of Ireland (ROI). The focus of this network is to: • support the recruitment of patients in general paediatric studies from general paediatric departments • support local busy clinicians with research governance and project delivery • develop and direct research studies and grant applications • nurture general paediatric trainees- the Generalists of the future  This network will work with the RCPCH (Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health) research agenda, the RCPCH General Paediatric CSAC (College Speciality Advisory Committee) and the British Association of General Paediatricians (BAGP), as well as the CRN Child Health research network.

Our Vision

To achieve better care for infants, children and young people and their families (CYPF) in general in-patient and outpatient settings, through an improved evidence base using rigorous multi-centre collaborative research.

Our Goals

    1. To strengthen research in General Paediatrics in the United Kingdom (UK) and The Republic of Ireland (ROI) by facilitating collaboration and coordinating the research activities of participating institutions
    2. To develop and sustain a consensus-derived and well informed research agenda used to guide the network activities and produce high-quality studies in General and Adolescent Paediatrics
    3. To establish a robust operational infrastructure to develop and conduct clinical trials and observational studies using robust study designs and methodologies
    4. To provide opportunities for bidirectional education and exchange of ideas and information between clinical and academic communities, and encourage the translation of network research findings into practice
    5. To create a framework that promotes cohesion and sharing of expertise between centres within the UK and ROI, and other similar research networks internationally
    6. To mentor and inspire new investigators to improve research skills and develop research projects
    7. To achieve better recognition of Academic General and Adolescent Paediatrics as a specialty with support for trainees and a clearer career structure.

What is expected from PPIR members?

Initially, members would be expected to occasionally read research proposals to give a parent or public view as part of that grouping. Once the GAPR-UKI is fully established, parent representatives will be invited to join a variety of differing projects for which they will attend meetings (travel costs will be reimbursed). Attendance can also be done via teleconference. We are planning a second GAPR-UKI meeting in the near future, possibly in Ireland or Birmingham and would be keen to have a PPIR meeting there, which would allow members to meet face to face and discuss ideas. At present, members would not be required to give up too much of their time. However, we would expect them to provide responses to research proposals requiring their view, which can be done via email. Once our website is established, we will also have an online parent forum discussion group. Dr Colin Powell (Co-Chair of GAPR-UKI) is leading the Delphi Method study of what parents and professionals within GAPR-UKI see as priority subjects to study within the General and Adolescent Paediatrics network. We therefore invite PPIR members to feedback their views about that process.