Vision, Goals and Ambitions


To improve general paediatric care for children and young people through rigorous multi-centre research.


1. To strengthen general paediatric research in the UK & Ireland by facilitating collaboration and coordinating research activities of participating institutions

2. To develop and sustain a consensus-derived and well informed research agenda used to guide the network activities and produce high-quality studies in general paediatric research

3. To encourage the translation of network research findings into practice

4. To create a community that promotes cohesion and sharing of expertise between centres within the UK & Ireland, and the rest of the world

5. To provide opportunities for bidirectional education and exchange of ideas and information between clinical and academic communities

6. To mentor new investigators to improve research skills and develop research projects

7. To work collaboratively with other networks and groups including community paediatrics and emergency networks

8. To support the participation of children, young people and their families in the development of research projects and to work in collaboration where appropriate


1. To be a leading academic organisation for general paediatric research in the UK & Ireland

2. To raise the profile of general paediatrics as a thriving academic speciality in its own right including developing the skills of the next generation of paediatricians

3. To deliver independent research studies in collaboration with clinical trials units

4. To develop academic and research capacity in our membership

5. For all GAPRUKI publications to be available open access

6. To improve collaborative research working between primary, community, secondary and tertiary care

Our operational policy outlines how GAPRUKI plans to work with its members to progress its vision, goals and ambitions (operational policy).